Smart Branding - KeyWord Rich Domain Names

Keyword Rich Domain Names - Do the search engines care..?

Yes they do..! It all starts with your domain name, so the words you select for it are important. And the words you choose may either reflect the name of your site, its topic, or your brand name. Search engines recognise this, and will give weight to the words in your domain name.

Keywords or Brand Names or Combine Both..?

For those businesses whose Brand Name is widely recognisable and which already have a market presence - of course it makes sense to reflect the same name in your domain.

Wearing my Brand Design hat, I'm a huge advocate for maintaining Brand integrity across all touch points (including online presence), which in turn supports brand recognition. However the value of keyword rich domain names has it's place.

For new businesses and internet-only businesses you have the choice to decide on using a brand name that includes top keywords that will ultimately enhance your natural search listing online.

Smart Branding..!

So if you are a new business deciding on your new brand / website name, it's worth spending the time to run the exercise. Why not create a smart brand name that incorporates the keywords. branding! There are a number of sites where you can type in key words relating to your business that will generate most popular search results with suggested domain names and ranking. Such as:

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