Great Logo Design - 5 tips

A great Logo should set you apart from the Competition: It’s important that your logo defines your own brand footprint and underpins the unique “reason to believe” in your brand’s product or service offer. 

A Logo should be Memorable: Engaging Design – your logo should have a personality that reflects your company image and equally engages your target consumer. Brands with personality are social brands – a great way to enhance your brand personality is with a logo that brings your company image to life.

What about your Logo Colour..? Your logo should work in both colour as well as Black & White. The black and white version is a good indication of whether the balance and proportion of the overall design works.

What determines the appropriate Logo Font...? Masculine Versus feminine. Bold versus Lightweight. It all comes down to your business type, industry, target audience. And sometimes it needs to be a balance of all these elements. The design brief is super important to which way your logo will be designed.

For a successful Logo the motto is - Keep it Simple..! It’s great to have an elaborate logo, however when you pare it down the core essence of your logo should appear simple. Too many design elements will only act as a distraction from the simplicity of good logo design. Think Nike Swoosh, Adidas 3 Stripes. Additional design elements can come into play and enhance and interact with your logo when used in different environments.

White Tiger Creative is a Design Studio specialising in Brand Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Corporate Identity. Our motto is Redefining Brand Habitat - designing brands with personality to ensure your business image is engaging and memorable.

Georgie Davies

White Tiger Creative, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia