"What more could you ask for in one person.."

Georgie has always been really committed to me and my business and generous with her time and expertise. She helped me to create a structure for my business where the two different services could operate independently of each other but still be marketed under one brand.

Georgie has a great eye for detail and design and really understands what works on a page, she created the logo, the look and even the new name for the business.  She helped me to create a marketing and advertising plan that could grow and evolve with the business and did a fabulous job on my website adding in blog pages and lots of tags to ensure we ended up on the front page of a google search.

I would recommend Georgie to anyone but especially to someone setting up a business as she is able to handle your graphics, your marketing strategy and build you a great web site too - what more could you ask for in one person!

Leesa Scheller - Director, Style Therapy

"It’s great having you as an extension of our team"

Thank you Georgie for designing the logo and corporate identity for BUG. We love our smiling BUG logo which simply communicates the positive experience our Customers have knowing their important personal digital files are safe from loss. The visual development of the ‘brand personality’ and application of this has resulted in communications material for BUG that stands out and is engaging. Your strong strategic marketing background combined with your eye for design has been an asset to us during the business development phase and design process. It’s great having you as an extension of our team.

Anna Ritman - Director,  BUG® 

"...one of the best designers to have on your side"

Georgie was my fabulously clever, creative and adaptable client during her days in marketing at Pacific Brands where she demonstrated her ability to turn her hand to everything from media spokeswoman to creative director.  For Kayser’s Platinum hosiery brand, Georgie was responsible for everything from the product itself, brand architecture; pack design to the creation and production of its impactful outdoor media campaign.  At the same time she effectively managed many difficult media interviews defending the advertising campaign for Platinum including A Current Affair and 7.30 Report.  Georgie’s unique skills that combine high-level marketing expertise along with a stunning creative ability, make her one of the best designers to have on your side.

Tory Montgomery - Managing Director, Communicado

"...we needed someone we could trust and rely on"

Georgie is our go to marketing / design person. We are a small property development company based in Sydney who like to get on with what we do best and leave the creative work to someone else. Without the luxury of an in-house marketing department, we needed someone we could trust and rely on to just get things done - Georgie is that person. With her eye for detail, we know we can rely on Georgie for delivering great design work.

Keep the ideas coming..!

Rod Clarke - Development Director, Somerset