My Branded Life


Instinct and Intuition

I love the freedom of discovering my own path. I consider myself a research queen and always have faith that I will pull it off no matter what. If you're willing to research a concept, an idea, a product, a's got to be driven by passion. And thats exactly my follow my passion. 

Riding the Corporate Wave

I studied fashion at RMIT in Melbourne and left the course midway for a job opportunity as a design assistant with Sportscraft. This then lead me to the sports industry where I worked with both Puma and then Nike. Following this I entered the world of marcomms with Pacific Brands which then led me to Trend Forecasting at Country Road  followed by a contact role as National Events Manager with Myer Stores. 

At this stage I well versed in re-designing brands and putting smiles on accountants dials.  I'd taken a few sideways steps, soaked up some amazing techniques in branding from industry masters, applied my own success formulas and got to a point where I'd rounded my skills across the product marketing platform. 

The Shift into Soloprenuer

Driven by desire for a better life-balance.....just over ten years ago I decided it was time to follow my true passion and leave the safety net of the corporate world behind. It took a big leap of faith, however I was hugely driven to follow my creative passion which I knew would ultimately lead to creative freedom and life-balance. 

And so started my journey in the land of soloprenuers !

My True passion is Brand Design

I absolutely love working with Brands. As a frustrated Creative Director I decided to get my hands on the tools, start my own path and learn my way around Illustrator and Photoshop. As my confidence grew so did my client base. I balanced my initial design work whilst renovating my 3rd house and getting to know my new little four legged K9 fur kid named Tiger. I was trading on referrals alone, and as the client list grew, so did the demand for website design. It was then that I put my student hat on once again and researched the pants off website design. I launched my own site first, and have since loved designing new websites for my clients. Whilst my love is the styling of the creative overlay, I love to design a website that converts based on natural optimisation and user experience.

Following the Coast

Ten plus years later I find myself in a position of freedom. I love what I do, I am blessed with the ability to work remotely with the majority of my clients being based interstate or overseas. 

Six years ago I decided it was time to follow the coast....I left my bayside hometown of Melbourne, packed up house, booked a truck, bought a Jeep 2 days before moving (yes I was lured into the very first "I bought a Jeep" campaign) and headed north Byron Bay. 20 hours later (with a one night stopover) Tiger and I landed in Jonson Street.  It was dusk and my Jeep was filled to the brim with my iMac (fondly known as Big Mac), my George Clooney coffee machine  and a bunch of clothes and other stuff that I accumulated in the last minute pack. 

So began my coastal branded life.