Psychology of Colour

Is colour evoking the right message for your brand?

Colour plays an important role in Branding and in turn will impact on your audience interaction. The following info-graphic designed by WebPage FX offers some insight into the Phychology of Colour and the potential impact it has on consumers.

How does your brand stack up on the colour stakes?


New Website Design - EMAK

Latest website design project for electrical contractors based in Adelaide South Australia. EMAK Electrical is a family run business which has been trading for more than 20 years.

Jack approached me last year to re-design their logo and refresh the brand image. The brief was to maintain brand recognition, incorporating the existing design elements (circle & lightning bolt), whilst evolving the branding to give the logo a more contemporary feel.

Until now, EMAK has been trading without an online presence, so Jack was thrilled to see his new site go live last week.   

> EMAK logo design, brand design, website design & web copyrighting by White Tiger Creative.

Smart Branding - KeyWord Rich Domain Names

Keyword Rich Domain Names - Do the search engines care..?

Yes they do..! It all starts with your domain name, so the words you select for it are important. And the words you choose may either reflect the name of your site, its topic, or your brand name. Search engines recognise this, and will give weight to the words in your domain name.

Keywords or Brand Names or Combine Both..?

For those businesses whose Brand Name is widely recognisable and which already have a market presence - of course it makes sense to reflect the same name in your domain.

Wearing my Brand Design hat, I'm a huge advocate for maintaining Brand integrity across all touch points (including online presence), which in turn supports brand recognition. However the value of keyword rich domain names has it's place.

For new businesses and internet-only businesses you have the choice to decide on using a brand name that includes top keywords that will ultimately enhance your natural search listing online.

Smart Branding..!

So if you are a new business deciding on your new brand / website name, it's worth spending the time to run the exercise. Why not create a smart brand name that incorporates the keywords. branding! There are a number of sites where you can type in key words relating to your business that will generate most popular search results with suggested domain names and ranking. Such as:

Great Logo Design - 5 tips

A great Logo should set you apart from the Competition: It’s important that your logo defines your own brand footprint and underpins the unique “reason to believe” in your brand’s product or service offer. 

A Logo should be Memorable: Engaging Design – your logo should have a personality that reflects your company image and equally engages your target consumer. Brands with personality are social brands – a great way to enhance your brand personality is with a logo that brings your company image to life.

What about your Logo Colour..? Your logo should work in both colour as well as Black & White. The black and white version is a good indication of whether the balance and proportion of the overall design works.

What determines the appropriate Logo Font...? Masculine Versus feminine. Bold versus Lightweight. It all comes down to your business type, industry, target audience. And sometimes it needs to be a balance of all these elements. The design brief is super important to which way your logo will be designed.

For a successful Logo the motto is - Keep it Simple..! It’s great to have an elaborate logo, however when you pare it down the core essence of your logo should appear simple. Too many design elements will only act as a distraction from the simplicity of good logo design. Think Nike Swoosh, Adidas 3 Stripes. Additional design elements can come into play and enhance and interact with your logo when used in different environments.

White Tiger Creative is a Design Studio specialising in Brand Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Corporate Identity. Our motto is Redefining Brand Habitat - designing brands with personality to ensure your business image is engaging and memorable.

Brand Socialising

How social is your brand..? Well it all comes down to smart brand design. A brand doesn't necessarily need to spend a gazillion $$ on advertising to stand up and get noticed. It' all comes down to a couple of simple things. Does your brand identity stand up to really identify with and engage your target audience ...hmm? So I beg the question...does your brand have the right personality..? Are you maximising on that personality? White Tiger Creative - Graphic Design Melbourne is committed to creating engaging brands. I like to call it smart branding. Redefine your brand habitat, be clever, be smart, be creative.....brands can command attention on any budget. It's all about the brand stage, creatively building the theatre and maximising on how you use it. Contact me if you're keen to hear more, or post a comment - I'd love to hear your thoughts.